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Fido All Natural Chicken Breast Strips

Fido All Natural Chicken Breast Strips

Fido All Natural Dog Treats—Our pet treats are made with 100% real meat. The only thing we add to our Fido All Natural Dog Treats is 0.3% sea salt and a flash of oxygen in every one pound bag.

Windows in our bags allow the customer to see the freshness of the freshly roasted, Fido All Natural Chicken Breast Strips.

Every batch is tested twice at the labs. We use I.G. MicroMed Environmental Inc. as our lab in Canada. Our factory passed inspection by Canadian and American government inspectors.

We raise our own birds.

We're currently looking for pet food suppliers around the world. Please call my office: 604.263.0700, or my cell: 604-220-6442. You can also email